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My name is Jenny Jessen, I am a Healing Arts Facilitator and a Sacred Femininity Mentor.


I have been devoting the last seven years of my life to intensive study of cultural anthropology, energy medicine and the healing arts in different parts of the world.


I am transformational Leader for Women's Empowerment Mentorship and Community Ceremonies. My Mission is to serve and unite communities in love and authentic connection. As well as creating sacred spaces for women, that allow them to heal and blossom into their femininity.


Since 2019 I have been hosting community ceremonies and women's circles around the globe - in Greece, India, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Bali for festivals and retreats.

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“Jenny!!! Wow wow wow… Tonight was incredible. My period cramps are nonexistent and I just spent an hour telling my partner how I feel like I just came home to myself and my body. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful unfolding you guided us through tonight. My nervous system feels so refreshed and I feel like I just stepped back into alignment.”

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