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1:1 Mentorship Offerings
available in english & german


What my clients say..


I've known Jenny for several years: we practiced together at GreenYoga in Berlin and her courses have always been special. It was never just about the asana or fancy postures... She has always taught a path in which body, mind and soul are consciously united. She teaches and lives this way! She is such a great inspiration to me. When we met again, i started the Mentorship with her. Since then she has accompanied me on my way to healing cancer, in addition to conventional medical therapies. It is unbelievable how much positive energy, well-being, lightness, even if it is sometimes preceded by many tears and despair, we transform together. How I don't have to be afraid to go into the depths of my soul, my heart, because it gives me a protected space - lifts me and lets me fly... Fly into a life of gratitude, peace and love! btw: there is no “standard mentoring program”: it adapts, adjusts, supplements, omits, adds; always open to ideas, questions, exchange.

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